Made by parents like you, for kids like yours!

When our kids were babies, we did everything we could to make sure every nibble that went into their bellies packed the most good stuff possible—vitamins, minerals, energy. Given the choice, we’d seek out real food. Then, our kids discovered candy! Fizz-poppers! Sweet drinks! Whizz-bangers! We loved their delight, but cautiously, and in moderation. Wouldn’t it be great, we thought, if we could let them have giggling, yummy day sweetness, without all the artificial additives?

This is why one particular dad started mucking about in the kitchen with cocoa and the famed superfood of yore—the humble yet magical tiger nut. And ChufaChoc ® was born!

From our busy little kitchen in Valencia, we bring you ChufaChoc, a scrumptious chocolate flavoured drink mix that sweetens the hearts of even the most stony-faced critics.  

Made by parents like you, for kids like yours! By gently drying cocoa and nutrient dense Tiger Nut milk together, we nurtured a distinctive caramel and malt-like flavour to create an unrivaled chocolate drink experience for the whole family. 

Here´s what makes ChufaChoc so brilliant:  

Small Farm Grown Tiger Nuts ( Chufa )

Superfood tigernuts - ChufaMake with delicious tigernuts - Chufa

Made with farm house kitchen ingredients - Tiger nuts Chufa Cocoa
Tigernuts an ancient grassroot - Also known as Chufa
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