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Tiger and Bean Our Story in Pictures


Tiger & Bean was started by a chocolate-loving, kitchen-experimenting, gluten-free foodie dad, who spend two years experimenting with Tiger nut recipes and tinkering with vintage chocolate making machines. 

From our busy little kitchen in Valencia, Spain, we now make a range of delicious chocolate and cocoa based products that incorporate Tiger nut for a greater depth of flavour and added nutritional value.

Our goal is simple, to wake the world up to the delicious combination of Tiger nut and chocolate, and other adventurous lesser known flavours.   

But flavour alone is not enough. Our fundamental belief is that the uplifting delight of a delicious treat is best shared with the good feelings of a healthy society and a healthy planet.  As such we aim to use our business as a force for good through our five part mission, which is to:

#Add value to raw Tiger nut through innovation and the development of nutritious everyday food and drink products that incorporate only natural ingredients. 

#Manufacture, distribute and sell delicious Tiger nut based food and drink, with a commitment to upholding quality and food safety. 

#Operate on a sustainable financial basis of profitable growth, expanding opportunities for the personal development of our staff and promoting business practices that respect our employees and public health.

#Actively recognise, and where possible monitor, the impact that our business has on the environment whilst periodically assessing and adopting new measures that help mitigate the negative environmental impact of our operations, with a specific emphasis on C02 reduction, water protection and sustainable waste management.

#Identify engaging ways to make positive societal contributions, with a specific emphasis on supporting the livelihoods of the smallholder farmers within our Spanish and West African supply chain and encouraging the adoption of sustainable farming practices such as soil, water and biodiversity management.

As a company, we are aspiring to B-Corp Certification and currently have the B-Lab recognised status of B-Corp Certification pending. 

If you would like to run a story on our unique journey, our products or our mission, as other media outlets have done, then please do get in touch.   

Feel free to can contact Rob on:

+34 664 32 6008 or

Our press pack, including an overview of our company mission & vision, our logos and a selection of photos can be found here by following this link.

Below are some of the sustainable certification marks our company and products currently hold:

Certification Logos:  B-Corps, Palm Oil Free, UTZ Cocoa and TUV Home Compostable