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Question: Does ChufaChoc ® contain gluten?

Answer: ChufaChoc is gluten free and is manufactured in a gluten free facility.


Question: Does ChufaChoc contain nuts? 

Answer: Tiger nuts are not actually nuts - they are tubers, that said Chufachoc is manufactured in a factory that handles nuts.

Question: Does ChufaChoc contain sugar?

Answer:  Yes, a portion of ChufaChoc has 11g of sugar. That equates to approximately 2.5 teaspoons of sugar.   We want chocolate milk to be an enjoyable treat, designed to give energy and lift mood. Some people object to the inclusion of sugar and would rather see us use a sugar substitute. While we respect their choices, we personally prefer to stick with natural sugar.  


Question: What is a tiger nut?

Answer: Tiger nuts are small tubers, they are the root nodules of a grass species know as Cyperus esculentus.


Question: Where will you post to?

Answer: At the moment we can only post to destinations within Spain.


Question: Is ChufaChoc suitable for diabetics?

Answer: ChufaChoc is not suitable for diabetics.


Question: Does ChufaChoc contain palm oil?

Answer: ChufaChoc does not contain palm oil, and is certified by POFCAP, just look for the logo with the little orangutan face. 


Question: Is your cocoa supply certified?

Answer: Yes, our cocoa supply is certified by UTZ.


Question: Where is ChufaChoc manufactured?

Answer: ChufaChoc is manufactured at our very own facility in Valencia, Spain.


Question: Do you sell anything else other than the drink mix?

Answer: Not yet, but we plan on doing so in the near future.


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