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So many questions - so little space!

Caveman Fun Questions Tigernut Chocolate


Question: Does ChufaChoc ® contain gluten?
Answer: ChufaChoc is gluten free and is manufactured in a gluten free facility.

Question: Does ChufaChoc contain nuts?
Answer: Tiger nuts are not actually nuts - they are tubers, that said Chufachoc is manufactured in a factory that handles nuts.

Question: What is a tiger nut?
Answer: Tiger nuts are small tubers, they are the root nodules of a grass species know as Cyperus esculentus.

Question: Where will you post to?
Answer: At the moment we can only post to destinations within Spain.

Question: Is ChufaChoc suitable for diabetics?
Answer: ChufaChoc is not suitable for diabetics.

Question: Does ChufaChoc contain palm oil?
Answer: Absolutely not, ChufaChoc does not contain palm oil, and is certified by POFCAP, just look for the logo with the little orangutan face. 

Question: Is your cocoa supply certified?
Answer: Yes, our cocoa supply is certified by UTZ.

Question: Where is ChufaChoc manufactured?
Answer: ChufaChoc is manufactured at our very own facility in Valencia, Spain.

Question: Do you sell anything else other than the drink mix?
Answer: Not yet, but we plan on doing so in the near future.